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What sets us apart?

  • Convenience: Walk-ins are welcome! No need to schedule an appointment for your weekly visits. Your initial health assessment includes a precise diagnostic work-up designed to customize your weight loss journey. We do ask that you schedule an appointment for this comprehensive assessment. Once your weekly visits begin, stop in at the time that works for you during our convenient office hours!

  • Compassion: At Premiere Weight Loss + Wellness, we are committed to the success of every client. We take great pride in our products and programs, supported by cutting-edge diagnostics and administered with care and compassion by our experienced clinicians. You are never alone on this journey!

Community Support
on a Shared Journey.

Group Running

  • Support:  When you chose to partner with Premiere Weight Loss + Wellness, you become of member of a health and wellness community fostered for nearly two decades here in Southwest Florida. Your weekly, in-person visits with our caring staff are coupled with guidance and support through multiple online venues offering diet and fitness tips, positive motivation and opportunities to share your stories and celebrate your success!

  • Affordability: At Premiere Weight Loss + Wellness, we take pride in delivering compassionate care and proven results, affordable to every client. Your health insurance plan may reimburse all or some of the cost of GLP-1 weight loss medications. Pharmaceutical companies also offer discounted pricing for clients that meet certain criteria. 

  • Precision Weight Loss Management: To achieve the full benefit of GLP-1 weight loss medications, Premiere Weight Loss and Wellness has partnered with Inspire Diagnostics to utilize cutting-edge analytics and diagnostic tools to develop a precision weight loss management plan tailored to your specific goals. Beyond your initial health assessment, your plan will include ongoing, 90 day diagnostic recalibration of your program parameters, optimizing your healthy weight loss and maintaining your path towards a lifelong journey of sustainable wellness.

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