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Precision Weight Loss Management

To achieve the full benefit of GLP-1 weight loss medications, Premiere Weight Loss and Wellness has partnered with Inspire Diagnostics to utilize cutting-edge analytics and diagnostic tools to develop a precision weight loss management plan tailored to your specific goals. Beyond your initial health assessment, your plan will include ongoing, 90 day diagnostic recalibration of your program parameters, optimizing your healthy weight loss and maintaining your path towards a lifelong journey of sustainable wellness.

Our Cutting Edge Diagnostics Tools



The DEXA Scan is a quick and painless, whole body scan that uses medical grade technology to provide the most precise measurements of Body Fat, Muscle Mass, and Bone Health. Watch Video



The STKU 3D SCANNER utilizes a rotating system that performs a 35 second scan to assemble a unique 3D model from more than one million acquired data points. The advanced feature recognition technology automatically finds detailed landmarks on the body and extracts its circumference, volume and surface area. The 3D model can then be rotated, panned and zoomed to evaluate each body part in great detail, including precise body composition analysis. Watch Video




The CardioCoach® delivers simple and accurate fitness testing based on oxygen consumption. This data can be used as the foundation for customized exercise programs that precisley meet the weight loss and wellness needs of the individual. Watch Video

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